How did I get here?

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If I said it’s hard to go through a minute without thinking of you

Would you believe me?

If I said I don’t like it when you put some make up on

Can you love me?

You asked me if I would love you even if it meant seeing you once a week

Yes, even though it is not enough

It is better than not seeing you at all

You said our love is surreal

You feared that I may leave you for someone more beautiful

Girl, that is impossible, in my eyes you are the most beautiful girl

Isn’t that what matters

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

I’m now waiting for you to call

I just wish you could answer my questions

I loved you more than you loved me

But although I was here

You say you could never see me

Now it doesn’t matter

You’re gone now

But I’m still here


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