I Saw That

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I Saw That

Your eyes wandering in my direction

You give a nervous smile

You run your fingers through your hair

I smile and stare

I saw that

You check if I am looking

I am, watching you with same feeling

You turn around to find your reflection

To make sure you are looking your best

Girl you are beautiful, I just wish I could let you know

You’re deep in your thoughts

Thinking about me and you

I’m thinking about you

I saw that

You clearly look in to my eyes and now I’m sure

I saw your beautiful smile

Girl I’m afraid to make a move

Afraid you will think how many times I have done this before

Funny thing is you are thinking that as well

Your facial expression fell down

You turn away

And now I’m not sure if I should let you get away

I saw that I saw you look

I just wish it could have been a lot more


8 thoughts on “I Saw That

      1. Yes, thank you. I am not that good, but I will try to help. Like this poem, the repeating line “I saw that” is brilliant in this poem. The flow of wording is wonderfully done making it smooth (a really good thing). The ending line is well played. So you get all A+ on this one.

    1. Thank you and I see, well the anguished stuff is not personal, I write what I see and hear. I just find that easier to write than uplifting and visual poetry like this. but maybe that’s because I don’t read and should start to improve my work or write different things.

      Thanks again.

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