My Thoughts #2

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I wish I could say I have moved on from the past. I wish I could say I have learned from my mistakes. Nothing has changed the way I had expected it to, I’m still the same person. Now that it really matters I just hope I can take everything life throws at me.

There’s a point in most of our lives where we come to regret what we have done. we try to forget but find it so hard to move on and the worst thing is when we don’t learn from the past, when we keep making the same mistakes.


6 thoughts on “My Thoughts #2

  1. You might regret A thing you’ve done, but not every-thing. There are good decisions inside of us as well as bad ones, the telling thing is how we deal with our mistakes. That is what telegraphs our character to others.

    Sometimes we have to cut ties and move on, like it or not, although this is IMHO rare. Most of the time anything we have done is salvageable by a simple “I am sorry. I was wrong” or in the case of work, “I did it, I know what I did wrong and I’ve learned from it.”
    Sometimes that’s all you can do. Your post sounds distressed and I hope everything will be okay.

  2. This is well written and well said, Thank you. I think in life when we come to regret something but it sort of grows on us and we are tempted to do it again if we were lucky to avoid the worst case scenario. How many times can I lie to myself and say “I am sorry” “I was wrong” I cannot count but certainly I have made good decisions which is why I am where I am today. This post reflects my bad decisions which were not entirely in my hands and is a case of fate. This post is about myself saying how I wish I could say “I have moved on from the past. I wish I could say I have learned from my mistakes” but I do not or rather cannot. If this makes sense, sorry if it doesn’t.

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