What are you doing?

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What are you doing?

You sit talking, laughing too loud

Bad enough its boys but you’re rolling with the wrong crowd

Pictures on your Facebook from last night

Okay you don’t sleep but shut the light out

I see you around acting casual

You see me but never talk

I’m busy so I just can’t get through to you

I loved it when life was just me and you

Girl, I moved on in life

But you have moved out of your head

Now you rest on your rep

But can you ever rest?

*Sigh* When did you start to drink?

Girl I knew you lost your mind

But did u stop to think? Forget it

It’s a matter of pride

I loved you once and that’s enough

Just know I will ask you that question when I see you

What are you doing?

You was just another girl

Now you’re another girl

Living in your own world

What are you doing now?

I guess now I will never know


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