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Hey you bystander did you hear of the recent uproar?

You say this is nothing new

You have seen and heard this before

Hey you bystander do you have time to sign a petition?

It will only take a minute and you can help save a life

You say it’s pointless, you fear your own situation

Hey you bystander do you agree with the wrongdoing?

You seem to just sit there and watch the violence

You could lend a hand or say a word

Hey you bystander can you spare some change?

Pennies make notes which buy food and water

You refuse claiming the world will never change

And suffering and poverty is a part of the life you’ve learnt to accept

Hey you bystander do you care?

Because one day it may be you who suffers

While the rest of us stand and stare


12 thoughts on “Bystander

  1. Hey Masroor, Nice one!! I love the end part! :]

    P.S. You said you’re a singer-songwriter, so have you already sung and recorded any tracks? :] Also, do you play any instruments? I love the idea of playing the violin and piano, but never got the chance to learn either! :[ Maybe someday in the future I can! :]

    1. Thank you. Yes I sing and write songs; I wanted to ask you what you think of a song I wrote but I took it off, I don’t think I’m ready to be recognised as a song-writer. I will hopefully put up a video of me singing very soon. Hahaha no I don’t play any instruments and I haven’t recorded any songs as of yet. Great I’m thinking of making band if you learn how to play an instrument you can join my band . Do you have any talents apart from your blog? e.g. singing/drawing?

      1. Lol, I have the most horrible singing voice in the world so 😛

        Umm… Mostly I write stories, do photography (amateur) and drawing comes along with the package of being an architect! 😉 But my drawing is also pretty limited…

        Saying that makes me feel like I have no real talent! :O

    1. Hehe, that’s my next goal! I did a bit of practice already but have to keep doing a lot more! 🙂

      How long have you been living there in UK? Ever been to a Pakistani wedding? 😛

      1. Great go for it and capture some beautiful photography :D.

        I have been living here for 12 years now, I’m from Hyderabad, Sindh so I speak Sindhi. What about you?

        Hahahaha yes just once but I have seen videos and pictures of my cousins’ weddings in Pakistan 😉

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