If only she knew

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I can’t tell her I love her
I will only hurt her
With physical side effects
She wants me
I wish she can forget me
I’m a heartless character
This is what she thinks of me
but if only she knew


4 thoughts on “If only she knew

  1. If you tell her you’ll hurt her? but if u dont tell her you will hurt her anyway.

    So sad, but better to be open and honest than to withhold facts and then she can go away, knowing you are not heartless but that your heart is taken.

    If she wants you she will continue to want you — but will understand, knowing that maybe you didnt love her, but you cared enough to protect her from enduring pain…and she can move on….

    1. Thank you for your comment. Apologies for my late reply.

      I’ll start by saying not everything I write is personal experience. I sometimes put myself in others shoes and think how my life will be in that particular situation, I try to tell others stories in short poems.

      This however was personal, When you believe something to be true and assume millions of things in your head..you don’t realize they’re just one half of the whole story..an unfinished picture…and we won’t know until we speak our mind and find out the truth.

      Things did not turn out like this, They are better than I expected. But I did feel like sharing this and other things I post just because I know i’m not the only one in this situation and so that people can relate to this and think they are not alone.

      Thanks again for your comments 🙂


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