Futile Devices

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I’m sorry isn’t enough
If I break the walls of trust
And let you down
Please forgive me
And I’ll make it up to you
If you let me
The words I pick may seem futile
But I will keep trying
Just to see you smile
But if I bother you please tell me to stop
I would hate to make matters worse
Because I don’t know how much it hurts  Your silence means a lot
I’ll take it as a sign you don’t wish to speak
Words are futile devices after all
Time is the medicine we should seek.


2 thoughts on “Futile Devices

  1. arent silences awfully frustrating…we conjure up all kinds of speculations, dont we….

    I hope things work out for the two of you. You are mature and wise to apologize and make an effort to erase distrust. Relationships work if we are willing to make them work…

    1. Indeed. Silences are so frustrating. I often over think and stress myself needlessly.

      Things are good between us, Thank you. I agree, relationships work if we want them to work and that they require continuous effort.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂


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