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I write what I see, think and feel.



26 thoughts on “About Me

  1. copy the surveys from my page and fill them in (that’s what i did, my friend suggested i)
    they are actually pretty fun
    and to be perfectly honest, i deleted some of them already when i revised the old ones! there was more before :O

    it’s just a bunch of verbal diarrhea 🙂
    good luck

      1. Lol, Im also busy studying these days but am finding inspiration around so continuing with my story… And I recently saw the last three Potter movies and loved them! Have you seen them? I love stories about magic and witches and old tales kind of stories.. 🙂

  2. I guess you are good at finding inspiration, that’s the difference between you and me and what you makes you a better writer than me :D. Haha I have only seen the first two 😛 Hmmm cool, I love mystery and love stories 😉

    1. Lol, I’m not that good at finding inspiration but sometimes things just click! Ive been away from writing and everything for a long time now (almost five years-wrote really little during my bachelors) so now I’m making up for lost time! 😉

      Forget the first two HP movies. If you wanna enjoy the series, read the books! They’re much better. Same goes for the last two books (3 movies) but they’re movies are also well made so do watch them!

      I’m currently working on four stories side by side! 😀 Two have love as an underlying theme while the other two are mystery and fantasy! 😉 I’m putting up one of the mystery ones regularly on my blog! Check it out and give me feedback! 🙂

      But remember, it’s a completely unedited version so its bound to have problems! 😀 Once I’m done with the whole story, I’ll edit and polish it then! 😉

  3. Sorry for the late reply 😛 Okay then I Can’t get my inspiration to click.

    Hmmm okay Maybe i should say something about myself, I hate reading and find it really boring. Some of my friends have told me that reading will allow to write better but I haven’t given it much practise. This is also the reason I don’t give you feedback on your blog, I just get put off by how much I have to read 😛 sorry. I will eventually get around to doing that (I hope).

    Also Happy belated birthday and a happy new year.

    I will try to write some poetry if I get inspired but I can’t promise anything.


    1. Lol, don’t force yourself to reply or tell stuff! Yours is a truly zombie-fied response!:P

      Anyway, your friends are right! One of the best ways to open up your imagination and make things click is to read books. If you hate that, try watching tv and movies a lot and go over what you see again and again… make sense of the characters, their actions, what happened and start thinking- what if there was an alternate ending, how would it be, would it suit the characters, maybe this could’ve been that way, they should have done that and so on… that will also help your imagination in opening up!

      Thanks for the wishes! 🙂

  4. Haha I was just lazy writing my last response 😛

    Hey that is actually great advice, thanks! I never thought of that so I will definitely try that out.

    Thanks again and keep in touch.

    (sorry but I know this is another zombie-fied response :P)

    1. Yes, just as zombie-fied! 😛

      Do try it, its a great way to learn especially if you don’t like reading at all. It also helps make things click and inspiration come! 😉

      Now I’ll make my responses just as zombie-fied! 😉 😛

  5. like your name, maybe i was an ant in my previous life that i am now still following the trail of bread crumbs =)
    like your short simple cheerful silly but so real poetry =)

  6. thankyou for reading my ‘time is the healer’ post, its very close to my heart and i’m glad you liked it! i came onto your page and i’ve been sat here reading various recent posts, for the last half an hour! they are so honest and heartfelt, i think you are very strong given whats happened to you recently, and keep writing man! you’re awesome 🙂 x

    1. Thank you for your comment :).

      I really liked your post and I completely agree with you, life is a series of experiences and I love that Bob Marley quote.

      I’m glad you like my work, comments like this inspire me to write more. I try to put my feelings on paper if not mine then others around me. I am keeping strong thank you for your kind words 🙂 x

      1. No worries 🙂

        Aww thankyou, that means alot, life definitely is a series of experiences, and whether they are good or bad, either way you learn something, and it defines us right down to what we think and feel.

        Bob Marley is awesome! You should absolutely keep writing, there isn’t enough of this good stuff around! I completely agree, writing is such a good form of therapy! Haha 🙂

        Stay strong dude x

      2. Wow! that is well said, you are very wise for someone your age. That is so true, experiences teach us many things 🙂

        Thanks again for stopping by and leaving such heartwarming comments 😀 x

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