A Smile Amidst Chaos

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The dusty air brings water to my eyes
But my heart is filled with more than just the tears
My eyes see more than just the depression
I could never tell the truth from the lies
Sunshine seeps into my haven
Morning sun, a cup of tea and a peace of mind
Cracks in the terrace
The same cracks that show a glimmer of hope time to time
A head filled with pain and worries
Is also a head filled with precious memories I’m too content, sometimes atleast
A sense of belonging
I’m where I’m meant to be
Even if it is not where I’m supposed to be
I remind myself, I too forget, at times
A walk nearby shows me more than any Story I’ve ever heard
For people walking by
Surely I’ve seen the world
I can be alone
By no means am I ever lonely
I’m surrounded
With familiarity, security, family
God help my soul
For it is you who gives
If not, its you who guides
A smile amidst chaos
There are many reasons to be alive


Happy New Year?

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New Years gives us reasons to be happy

It also gives us reasons to be sad

Some celebrate and get drunk

Some don’t celebrate and spend it alone

we make New Year’s resolutions

hoping to change the way we are

or to do something different

It’s new year’s eve

We will spend tomorow how we spent yesterday

Then we will think about how fast the year went

Only to find ourselves in a similar situation next year

But hey Happy New year