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Prove your worth
Roam the Earth
live a little
Crack a smile
but it seems not in January
not with all the mess
not with all these problems,
Well life lessons
The year has just begun
Young man life has just sprung
Echoes of advice
I’m competent but ill prepared
The thoughts of a procrastinator
I always thought I thought ahead
But what I thought I thought I had
Is something I don’t need and certainly something don’t I have.
Oh sweet January
you’re just here to show me who I could be
and remind me who I was and Who I am
This is a fresh start
It seems all I do is wait, wait, wait
I’ve always loved new beginnings
but it’s hard to move through life
carrying the past on your shoulders
Now if only I can attain something I desperately need
A clear mind.


Happy New Year?

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New Years gives us reasons to be happy

It also gives us reasons to be sad

Some celebrate and get drunk

Some don’t celebrate and spend it alone

we make New Year’s resolutions

hoping to change the way we are

or to do something different

It’s new year’s eve

We will spend tomorow how we spent yesterday

Then we will think about how fast the year went

Only to find ourselves in a similar situation next year

But hey Happy New year