Black day in Peshawar

pakistan, peshawar

Say goodbye love,

I’m only going to school, I’ll see you later.

She said, before she perished

Now you’re in my prayers forever

Now we cannot pray together

All I have is this shock, pain and silence

My tears just won’t stop

I drop, to my knees

Asking, Pleading, Screaming

God! Tell me this is not true. Please!

I’m gasping for air, I just can’t breathe

They lift me up

They try to calm me down

I’ve lost my child! I shout!

I crumble to the ground

I run outside,

I see my neighbour

Sitting on the street

She doesn’t blink or try to speak

I’m told she lost her children too,

Mohammed, Ayesha and Mariam. All three.

I take her hand and hold it tight

I wipe my tears and try to fight

It’s not just my child

They were not just somebody’s children

They were children for the future

Now they’re children of heaven

This isn’t just their issue, It’s our issue,

Stand up world.

Pray for the children who were killed today.

Pray for Peshawar

Pray for a better world.