The Art of Attraction

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Isn’t attraction overrated
If beauty lies in the soul
And if love at first sight is a lie
Where do we lie in the world?

It seems we’re meant to be together
Seeking temporary solace
But if we don’t have now
Then why chase forever?

I’m just an idea
Based on fate
But if our patience is tested
Should we gamble on love?
Or wait till it eventually turns to hate?

A world apart
Suns, Moons and Stars
But if all it takes is a look
Why don’t you admire from afar

You begin to read my soul
When our eyes meet
We are able to tell so much
Without having to speak
Im in awe, too

But let’s not make promises
We cannot fulfill
What’s the point of moving forward
When we’re supposed to be standing still.


Futile Devices

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I’m sorry isn’t enough
If I break the walls of trust
And let you down
Please forgive me
And I’ll make it up to you
If you let me
The words I pick may seem futile
But I will keep trying
Just to see you smile
But if I bother you please tell me to stop
I would hate to make matters worse
Because I don’t know how much it hurts  Your silence means a lot
I’ll take it as a sign you don’t wish to speak
Words are futile devices after all
Time is the medicine we should seek.