Sweet Life

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Swam depths to reach the shore
Riding waves and sailing clear
Hard to forget the waves of harmonic
Back when life was blue like the sky
And when life seemed so gloomy
We all become melancholic
When our vision is distorted
But the harder the struggle
The sweeter the rewards
God has a plan, For all of us
I feel like a king at times
This is my sweet life
The life I’ve earned
And when things look down
I just remember all I have ever done
If there was such thing as a simple life
We would not cherish our time and struggles
We wouldn’t understand the plans God has for us
So I wrote this poem to remind myself
that whatever happens
just keep in mind
If there was no such thing as struggles
It just wouldn’t be a sweet life



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Casual wander through my mind
Troubled past
Back when I used to understand life
Now I just live it
Amidst chaos I’d find myself
But now i’m through it
Sitting still. Meditation.
These thoughts, Reflection.